Spring Tails From Manor Vets

A choco accident!

Gus is feeling very sorry for himself πŸ™ˆ He was a naughty pup and ate some chocolate he stole! Luckily he didn’t eat very much and as he was here within the hour we were able to make him sick.

Please make sure all Easter goodies are out of reach of your pets 😊

A medal of bravery πŸ…

Fred has been super brave today 😍 Fred is epileptic and has come to have his routine blood test, to check if his meds are working well and if he’s having the correct amount. He loves to have a cuddle whilst he has his blood taken and got a rosette for being such a good boy 😁

Yo Ho, A pirate’s life for me

Captain Jack Sparrow is in to see us β˜ οΈβš”οΈ Poor Jack has been really out of sorts the last few days so his mum and dad have popped him in for a check up 😊

After a long acting antibiotic injection and some anti inflammatory and pain relief he should feel much happier 😊 Its easy to see where he gets his name from with his markings 😍

Gorgeous Jantis

He has been staying with us so he could have some dental treatment carried out and as you can see from his before and after pictures he now has beautiful pearly whites 😍
Jantis is a Mexican hairless dog also known as a xolo and they are one of the oldest known dog breeds. They are also very intelligent dogs and get very attached to their owners making them extremely loyal!! πŸ•πŸ’–πŸ§‘